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Arthmanthan 2010

THEME OF ARTH-MANTHAN 2010 – The Economics Festival
Started in 2001 Arth-Manthan - The Economics Festival of Mumbai has become the largest festival of its kind in India!

The festival provides a platform for students to debate on current economic issues and think like global leaders. Above all, Arth-Manthan makes learning of economics fun! The theme for Arth-Manthan 2010 is DEVELOPMENT! India is moving ahead on the path to development; it even managed to tide the current global recession with many calling India a bright spot on the recession! Yet there are many issues that we have to deal with. We are using this platform to address some of the critical development challenges facing India.

Key issues discussed at Arth-Manthan 2010 are Education, Poverty, Rural development, Internal peace and security, Environment and Leadership.

"To attract and enhance students’ interest in and enthusiasm towards Economics by bringing the subject to life."

Arth-Manthan is a festival laced with fun, learning, prizes and numerous events!!!


The participating teams played the role of economic advisers of the various world countries allotted to them in advance. At this year’s meet, countries of the world advised India on ‘Green Development’ - meeting the development goals of our nation without harming the prospects of our future generations. Key areas of discussion included:
 Reducing greenhouse gases
 Energy conservation and Renewable energy
 Green technology and infrastructure
 Increasing area under forest cover
 Managing water resources
 Sustainable development
 Copenhagen Meet
Well, the students truly represented the country allotted to them; that meant dressing up like them and speaking a bit of the native language too!

QUIZ WIZ & JUNIOR QUIZ Business and Economics Quiz

The Book Exhibition included a wide range of books on Economics and Management. Some of the most popular textbooks and reference books used in foreign universities were also displayed.

- The Essay Competition

Theme: Education Vocational training – A key to increasing employability of youth
 Role of education in nation building
 Improving education – key to economic development
 Tackling gender inequality in education: Equal opportunities for the girl child
 Creating an education system that encourages creativity

WAR OF WORDS : Elocution Competition

 Dealing with Unemployment and migration
 Is regionalism above nationalism?
 How does regionalism affect development?
 Peace and Security are essential for development
 Poverty – the cause of Internal security problems

DRAW’ EM UP: Poster Competition : Jaago Re! Theme: Save India from Corruption!


Students submitted recent paper cuttings, photographs, cartoons etc. from newspapers and magazines on the given theme. Theme: Inflation in food products!

ECONOMICS ... It’s Rockin’...!!!

Ever wished Eco classes were as interesting as your favourite song...
Here’s your chance to make economics more fun... During the students prepared their own economics songs and we offered them the mike to sing out loud!!!
Songs on the global financial crisis, inflation, Adam Smith or Marshall, on promises made by finance ministers, on demand and supply, diminishing marginal utility etc. Well of course they had the option to set tunes on latest Bollywood hits!
For inspiration, students checked out interesting videos on economics at You-Tube or other Internet resources!
This has become one of the most popular events and many colleges in Mumbai have started Economics Songs contests.

Students submitted Reports and made Presentations on one of the topics given below:

 The future lies with those companies who see the poor as their customers
 How does CSR contribute towards development of a nation?
 Role of self-help groups in eradicating poverty
 Can IT transform rural India?
 Bold political leadership needed to implement reforms
 Microfinance: Impact on employment creation and poverty alleviation
 Development in tribal areas – Key issues
 Right to Information Act – an powerful tool in the hands of the common man


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